The master’s degree in computer science at the University of Stuttgart is characterized by the fact that it imparts computer science knowledge in a variety of application areas.

Students can use a large selection of specializations to expand their bachelor's knowledge and thus create their own special profile for the job market. These specializations can be individually combined, cover the entire research spectrum of the department and thus enable - after successfully completing the master’s degree - a career entry both in industry and in research.




  • Degree in a bachelor's degree program lasting at least six semesters (or an equivalent degree)
  • Degree in the respective course or a course with very similar content
  • Depending on the course, there may be additional requirements. The exact admission criteria can be found in the admission regulations

Admission with conditions

In the case of admission with conditions, you will be admitted, but you must catch up on certain examinations from the bachelor's degree before you register for the master's thesis. This can be the case, for example, if you completed your bachelor's degree at another university or a university of applied sciences and did not take seminars or modules there that you need for the master’s degree at the University of Stuttgart. The final decision as to whether your professional aptitude is recognized as sufficient is made by the admissions committee .

Graduated from a university of applied sciences

A degree from a university of applied sciences (formerly a university of applied sciences) or the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University basically entitles you to study for a master’s degree at a university, according to the State University Act.

Admission restriction (NC)

In master’s courses in which the number of study places is limited (Numerus Clausus (NC)), ranking lists are created for the allocation of study places based on the criteria that are a prerequisite for admission to the master’s course. The admission regulations for the relevant master’s degree program regulate further details.

Course-specific features

Apart from the admission with conditions, there are other variants of admission depending on the subject:



A university career is recommended for graduates who have discovered an above-average interest in research topics during their studies. In this case, the master’s degree is the formal requirement to start a doctoral project or to work scientifically at the university or another research institution.

Those who have acquired the master's degree in computer science have a very in-depth and research-oriented education in the field of computer science, but especially in the chosen specialization areas (specializations). According to the picture that presents itself today, career prospects are excellent. Our graduates are currently in great demand, and in the past twenty years computer science has always been a subject whose job market has offered applicants above-average opportunities. This is unlikely to change in the future either

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