The master's degree in French teaching covers the subject areas of linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and language practice, as well as subject didactics. The focus of your studies is at the beginning of an intensive deepening of the language training, the target competence of which corresponds to level C2. The practical language training is supplemented by regional and cultural studies modules. The course is largely flexible. With a number of options, you can set your own individual priorities.

The master's degree is always studied in conjunction with a regular teacher training course. The master’s degree enables students to teach a third subject.



  • Degree in a bachelor's degree program lasting at least six semesters (or an equivalent degree)
  • Degree in the respective course or a course with very similar content
  • Depending on the course, there may be additional requirements. The exact admission criteria can be found in the admission regulations

Admission with conditions

In the case of admission with conditions, you will be admitted, but you must catch up on certain examinations from the bachelor's degree before you register for the master's thesis. This can be the case, for example, if you completed your bachelor's degree at another university or a university of applied sciences and did not take seminars or modules there that you need for the master’s degree at the University of Stuttgart. The final decision as to whether your professional aptitude is recognized as sufficient is made by the admissions committee .

Graduated from a university of applied sciences

A degree from a university of applied sciences (formerly a university of applied sciences) or the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University basically entitles you to study for a master’s degree at a university, according to the State University Act.

Admission restriction (NC)

In master’s courses in which the number of study places is limited (Numerus Clausus (NC)), ranking lists are created for the allocation of study places based on the criteria that are a prerequisite for admission to the master’s course. The admission regulations for the relevant master’s degree program regulate further details.

Course-specific features

Apart from the admission with conditions, there are other variants of admission depending on the subject:


Language requirements

French language skills at level B2 are admission requirements. The specialist course builds on this knowledge. It deals scientifically with the study of language and literature. Admission requirements are also basic knowledge of Latin and a second Romance language (level A2).



The Institutes for Linguistics / Romance Studies and Literary Studies / Romance Literature I have been offering the Master's degree in French since the 2017/2018 winter semester.

This teacher training course is the implementation

  • the ordinance of the Ministry of Culture on the tiered course structure with Bachelor and Master degrees for teaching at grammar schools
  • the study and examination regulations of the University of Stuttgart in the master’s degree programs for grammar school teachers with the academic degree Master of Education (M.Ed.)

You can find more information on the structure of the course in the course plan.

The master's degree is always studied in conjunction with a regular teacher training course . Students gain teaching qualifications in a third subject with the extension master's degree .

The course extends over 4 semesters and consists of basic, core and supplementary modules. The specialist modules in the areas of language practice, regional studies / cultural studies, specialist didactics, literary studies and linguistics are described in detail in the module handbook.

The  foreign language target competence  is specified in the extension master's degree at level C2. Therefore, at the beginning of the course, an intensive deepening of language training is the focus. All practical language courses take place in the target language. The practical language training is supplemented by regional and cultural studies modules. 

The basic and core modules of the master's degree cover the linguistic and literary core areas. The course ends with a comprehensive supplementary module that combines linguistics and literary studies and, according to the examination regulations, deepens relevant content and theories of the specialist sciences .

The  subject didactics modules  are offered in the extension master's degree by the seminar for didactics and teacher training and the Ludwigsburg University of Education.

Interdisciplinary aspects  are taken into account by integrating courses and modules from the comparative Bachelor and Master Romance studies.

The course is largely flexible. With a number of options, you can set your own individual priorities.



  • Teacher at high school


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