Biology is the basic discipline of the life sciences and is considered the leading science of the 21st century. She deals with the complex phenomena of life and researches the fundamental interactions between molecules, cells, organisms and communities.

The teacher training course in biology includes a basic technical education with a wide range of insights into the diverse sub-areas of biology. It enables a deep understanding of biological relationships.

You are studying the master’s degree in biology teaching at the University of Hohenheim. You can combine the subject with subjects from the University of Stuttgart, the music academy or the art academy. All further information about the course and the admission requirements can be found on the website of the University of Hohenheim.



The prerequisite is the completion of a teaching degree related to a bachelor's degree (grammar school teaching degree), which comprises study components of two subjects and their subject didactics, educational sciences and practical school studies. You can find further information in the guide for teacher training for the M.Ed. read up. You can find complete information about the admission procedure in the admission regulations.



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