During the consecutive Master’s degree in Geodesy and Geoinformatics, you will deepen and supplement the scientific qualifications acquired in the Bachelor’s degree in the following areas, among others:

  • cutting-edge projects such as "autonomous driving",
  • the navigation system, which provides clarity with its digital maps,
  • Earth system research, in which important conclusions about the climate are drawn from satellite data,
  • urban planning, which is more and more about sustainability,
  • fascinating projects like Google Earth and OpenStreetMap.

In the master’s course, you will acquire extensive and in-depth knowledge of geodesy and geoinformatics. At the University of Stuttgart, the diversity is taken into account by four institutes: 

  • Geodetic Institute (GIS)
  • Institute for Engineering Geodesy (IIGS)
  • Institute for Photogrammetry (ifp)
  • Institute for Navigation (INS)

Thanks to the connection to the aerospace engineering course, which is unique in the university landscape, you can also choose appropriate lectures as part of the specialization modules. In short, you have the opportunity to tailor an individual qualification profile depending on your interests and strengths and to implement it in close cooperation with the lecturers. 

The well-founded and above all versatile training qualifies for a wide range of employment opportunities. It offers the best conditions for a successful professional career in a variety of areas including industry, the private sector and the public sector. The increasing demand for specially trained specialists offers very good future prospects for graduates of the Geodesy & Geoinformatics course.



  • Degree in a bachelor's degree program lasting at least six semesters (or an equivalent degree)

  • Degree in the respective course or a course with very similar content
  • Depending on the course, there may be additional requirements. The exact admission criteria can be found in the admission regulations

Admission with conditions

In the case of admission with conditions, you will be admitted, but you must catch up on certain examinations from the bachelor's degree before you register for the master's thesis. This can be the case, for example, if you completed your bachelor's degree at another university or a university of applied sciences and did not take seminars or modules there that you need for the master’s degree at the University of Stuttgart. The final decision as to whether your professional aptitude is recognized as sufficient is made by the admissions committee .

Graduated from a university of applied sciences

A degree from a university of applied sciences (formerly a university of applied sciences) or the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University basically entitles you to study for a master’s degree at a university, according to the State University Act.

Admission restriction (NC)

In master’s courses in which the number of study places is limited (Numerus Clausus (NC)), ranking lists are created for the allocation of study places based on the criteria that are a prerequisite for admission to the master’s course. The admission regulations for the relevant master’s degree program regulate further details.

Course-specific features

Apart from the admission with conditions, there are other variants of admission depending on the subject:



The master’s degree is completed with the academic degree "Master of Science", which qualifies both for professional life, including for a position in the higher public service, as well as for a doctorate.

Exemplary fields of activity and research:

  • Technology & industry
  • Climate & Environment
  • Land & Soil
  • Navigation & mobility

The increasing demand for specially trained specialists offers excellent future prospects for graduates.

Further job descriptions and job information can be found in the BERUFENET database of the Federal Employment Agency:

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