The course consists of three main areas:

  • The American literature and culture includes cultural expressions of the colonial beginnings of the United States to the present, including literary (and non-fictional) texts, but also artistic and commercial media products of all kinds (advertising, film, comics, etc.).
  • The English literatures and cultures range from the early modern period to the present and include texts from Great Britain as well as (post-) colonial texts in the English language. The analysis of the texts is supplemented by their socio-cultural contextualization.
  • The linguistics concerned with structural and meaningful relevant characteristics of the English language and their varieties. This is covered by the sub-areas of phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.



Stuttgart English Studies covers a broad spectrum, from classic topics such as British and American literary history, drama or sentence structure to current developments, research fields and interdisciplinary approaches.

These include, for example, Postcolonial Studies, Brexit and Academia, Film and Television Studies, Cognitive Literary Studies or computer-aided work on digitized texts. The teacher training course includes several modules from the  educational sciences that deal with  questions of upbringing and education  . You will also complete a three-week orientation internship at a school during your studies 



Studying is the first step towards working as a teacher at a grammar school  . In order to obtain this qualification, you will then complete a postgraduate master’s degree and an internship . As an alternative to teaching, the specialist knowledge you have gained in the field of English literature and linguistics gives you similar perspectives as after completing your bachelor's degree in English.

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