The  call from industry for engineers who can demonstrate not only engineering expertise, but also business knowledge is getting louder. The interdisciplinary technology management course combines around  75 percent of engineering skills with around 25 percent of basic business knowledge.  Graduates have the opportunity to build a bridge between technical and business areas in the company. In operational practice, you will find them where it is important to take changing perspectives in the processing of complex tasks .



A university degree is fundamental and method-oriented. You will immerse yourself in the theory of the subject and thus create the basis for solving complex tasks in practice and research and developing new areas of knowledge independently. Therefore, you will not only learn how to apply a formula, but also how to derive the formula yourself. This is the fundamental difference to studying at a university of applied sciences or a dual university.

The first four semesters form the basis of your studies. The focus is therefore on the engineering basics, but also the first basic knowledge of business administration.

The 5th and 6th semester (specialist course) offers you a lot of options compared to other engineering courses This allows you to set your priorities according to your personal goals . In addition, the subject of technology management , specially designed for the course, is taught here



The career prospects for technology managers are  excellent . Because the requirements for this course have been formulated together with the industry. As a graduate, you have a wide range of options: Potential employers are technology companies, automobile manufacturers, engineering offices, but also science and research. 

The Bachelor's degree prepares in particular for the Master's degree.

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