Digital media have changed our society extensively. Analog media and communication channels are now largely being replaced by digital technologies. This change is taking place in all areas. Interactive computer technology is an integral part of many systems and machines today. In order to make such systems intuitively usable, efficient, safe and pleasant, system developers need extensive IT knowledge.

The Media Informatics course combines knowledge of computer science with that of digital media, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, language processing and digital networks. He thus creates the basis for the redesign or adaptation of digital systems to human-specific requirements.




The sum of the points achieved in the Abitur certificate is divided: For Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 900 points, this is divided by 30, for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 840 points, it is divided by 28 (max. 30 points) .

Other selection criteria  (maximum 5 points):

  • Completed professional training in a mathematical, scientific or technical training occupation or previous professional practice relevant to the course (even without completed training),
  • practical activities that provide particular information about suitability for the course,
  • Extracurricular achievements and qualifications, e.g. prizes and awards.

The scores from school performance and other performance are added together (max. 35 points). A ranking list is created on the basis of the number of points determined in this way.



The fields of work of the graduates are, for example, information and communication technology, the interactive data processing industry or the technical media industry. Further fields of application can be found in industrial, commercial, administrative, scientific and media applications of interactive data processing systems.

The number of employees in the information and communication technology sector is very large, and the rapid changes in this area require highly qualified workers, as the innovative performance of society is supported by these areas.

Further job descriptions and job information can be found in the BERUFENET database of the Federal Employment Agency

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