Autonomous, mobile robots, machine tools, motor vehicles or medical technology devices - many technical achievements of our modern world are inconceivable without the optimal interaction of mechanics , electrics and information technology . Are you interested in technical systems and do you have the will to "bring them to life"? The mechatronics course combines the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. This interdisciplinary approach enables you to research and design technically innovative products . You will learn to understand the basics of these technical systems and to penetrate them with scientific methods.



In mechatronics, you not only get to know one aspect of a technical system, but you also learn how to holistically design and develop dynamic and complex systems . From construction in classic mechanical engineering and the design of electrical circuits to programming, control, regulation and simulation - you know every area of ??the development process.

The first four semesters teach you the theoretical basics in higher mathematics, technical mechanics and electrical engineering as well as the basics of construction and software development. You will also deepen the theoretical content with practical components such as projects, internships and group exercises .


In the so-called specialist course - these are the last two semesters (5th and 6th semesters) of the bachelor's degree - you can choose your own specializations from 30 different subjects from mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in addition to the interface subjects such as machine dynamics and regulation and control technology. and choose information technology. With the bachelor thesis you successfully complete your studies.



After completing your bachelor's degree, you can deepen and refine your scientific, research-oriented methodology in the master’s degree in mechatronics .

Due to the broad, industry-independent training , you can start your career with different manufacturing companies. In addition, the areas of medical technology, building automation, traffic engineering, environmental technology or renewable energies come into question.

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