Materials science is the discipline in which materials are researched and developed from a scientific point of view. It is one of the decisive key technologies of the 21st century:

  • New lightweight construction materials, high-temperature materials or high-performance magnets increase the efficiency of vehicles, turbines and engines.
  • Innovative electrode materials multiply the service life and storage capacity of batteries.
  • High-performance “smartphones” or computers are only possible through semiconductor materials with extreme purity and the control of their atomic structure.
  • Optimization of magnetic properties for the production of more powerful and lighter electric motors.



The degree opens up a broad professional field of activity, which ranges from material selection, advice and quality assurance to research activities in industry. The bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for further scientific training in a relevant master’s degree in materials science or related areas of physics and chemistry.

Various job descriptions and job information can be found in the BERUFENET database of the Federal Employment Agency.

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