The study course Geodesy & Geoinformatics is a modern engineering science and broadly based on the topics of acquisition, management and processing of spatial data. 

In short - geodesy is everywhere:

  • in highly topical projects such as "autonomous driving"
  • in the navigation system, which ensures clarity with its digital maps
  • in earth system research, where important conclusions about the climate are drawn from satellite data
  • in urban planning, which is increasingly about sustainability
  • in fascinating projects like Google Earth and OpenStreetMap.

Modern geodesy provides the data basis for all these topics as well as for numerous other subject areas. 

It is therefore a strongly interdisciplinary engineering science that moves between applied mathematics, computer science, physics and geosciences on the one hand and civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering on the other.



The increasing demand for specially trained specialists offers excellent future prospects for graduates. Due to the varied training, the spectrum of employment opportunities is very broad and varied. It includes the following areas in industry, the private sector and in the public sector:

  • Navigation industry, aerospace industry
  • Software development
  • Service provider: transport, energy supply
  • Construction company
  • Instrument development, electronics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Basic research and training at universities and colleges
  • Industrial research and development
  • Geodetic and geoscientific research centers
  • Land management, property security, real estate appraisal
  • Official surveying and land consolidation
  • Environmental offices, planning offices
  • Engineering offices

Further job descriptions and job information can be found in the BERUFENET database of the Federal Employment Agency:

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