Climate change, plastic waste, air pollution - countries around the world are struggling with environmental problems these days . The course in environmental protection technology deals with technical solutions to these problems  and draws on the content and methods of  the natural sciences and engineering . The course also deals with the environmentally friendly design of all technical areas of modern life : with resource-saving production, climate protection, air pollution control, water supply and wastewater treatment, mobility, energy supply and circular economy. Generalists with in-depth knowledge in selected areas of environmental protection technology are trained.



In the first four semesters you will learn the basics . Sometimes that also means: persevere! The basic training in “Higher Mathematics” , “ Technical Mechanics” or “ Inorganic Chemistry” is intensive and a challenge for many students. Basics of linear algebra and differential and integral calculus for functions of a variable are refreshed and further developed so that you can later calculate structures and flows, for example.


In "Technical Mechanics" you will learn methods to determine movements and forces that are relevant for the construction of technical systems. The basics of the natural sciences are necessary in order to evaluate environmental influences and to be able to develop processes and methods for environmental protection. Here, from the second semester onwards, you will learn practical work as well as recording and evaluating experiments with the help of laboratory internships in physics and chemistry. 



The University of Stuttgart offers a master’s degree in environmental protection technology.
Environmental engineers work on solving environmental problems. They recognize and evaluate potential and actual environmental damage, as well as the choice of suitable methods to prevent or remedy it. Possible jobs can be found in engineering offices, in large international industry, in research and development or in public facilities such as municipal utilities.


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