Technology enables us mobility, communication and innovation. At the same time, it presents us with social challenges with a view to climate change, the energy supply of the future or the global digitization process. A networked science and technology education is therefore important in order to understand how technology works, how it is used and what risks it entails.

The NwT course is interdisciplinary and prepares you for the professional goal of NwT teacher at the general high schools in Baden-Württemberg. During the course of your studies, you will acquire scientific , engineering , sociological , subject- related didactic and pedagogical skills in order to provide students with a general education in natural and technical science.



The NwT course is interdisciplinary and you will receive a basic education in the natural and technical sciences . The focus here is on the one hand on causal issues in the natural sciences of biology, chemistry and physics . This includes gaining knowledge using scientific methods such as observation and experiment . On the other hand, you gain a well-founded insight into the diversity of engineering sciences . Here the focus is on the benefit-oriented application and processes and techniques such as construction , modeling and simulation .


Sociological and ecological connections between science and technology are shown in the sociology of technology and the environment . The course content is linked at the end of the Bachelor course in the subject didactics courses . In the school context, specialist knowledge and didactic issues are networked and implemented in independent projects. The teacher training course also includes several modules from educational sciences that deal with questions of upbringing and education . You will also complete a three-week orientation internship at a school during your studies .

Further course content depends on the second subject chosen . NwT can be studied in combination with the subjects of biology , chemistry or physics 



The fields of activity of NwT teachers primarily extend to the general high schools in Baden-Württemberg. With the expansion of NwT in the grammar school upper level and the introduction to the community schools (GMS) as a profile subject in the middle level, there is a great need for professionally trained NwT teachers and the employment opportunities at the grammar schools and GMS in Baden-Württemberg are very good.  

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