The specialty of studying Romance languages ??in Stuttgart is the combination of the two Romance languages ??that are closest to us, French and Italian.

The pillars of the course are the areas of linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and language practice. Key qualifications round off the course.

You can design your training profile individually with additional modules in two elective areas (in the academic field and in language and cultural competence).




Graduates of the Romance Studies course benefit from combined knowledge of two Romance language areas that are particularly important for Germany. The skills acquired in analytical thinking, scientific methods and the competent handling of cultural diversity open up professional and career opportunities in many areas (publishing, cultural management, media) and distinguish the Stuttgart Romance Studies course from the study of individual philologies that is customary elsewhere.

A list of possible professional fields for Romance studies can be found on the homepage of the Institute for Linguistics / Romance Studies under "prospective students".

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