In the Political Science course, you deal with

  • the analysis and comparison of political systems,
  • the political system of Germany,
  • political theory and
  • international relations.

In order to be able to adequately describe the concept of politics, three levels are examined. Politics has to do with values ??and goals and is a form of social action. The focus is on the state, the political system.

Political science at the University of Stuttgart is based in the Institute for Social Sciences - this underlines a social science self-image with its scientific methods. The course is therefore more empirical than hermeneutical.



  • The sum of the points achieved in the Abitur certificate is divided: for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 900 points is divided by 60, for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 840 points it is divided by 56 (maximum 15 points).
  • The points achieved in the last four semesters in the subject Social Studies / Community Studies / Political World Studies / History / Psychology / Philosophy are added up and divided by 4 (maximum 15 points); If several subjects have been taken, the subject taken in all four semesters will be given priority, followed by the subject with the highest marks.

Other selection criteria  (maximum 15 points) :

  • Language courses in a language relevant to the course
  • Longer stays abroad in a language area relevant to the course
  • Internships or other activities in the fields of journalism, market and opinion research, election research, politics or administration, political associations, political education, media analysis, publishing, human resources, marketing, urban and social planning, political advice, methods of empirical social research and statistics, volunteer organizations, international organizations.

The scores from the Abitur (factor 2), the technical grade (factor 1) and the other criteria (factor 0.5) are added (maximum 52.5 points). A ranking list is created based on the number of points.



When combining a Bachelor of Arts major and minor subject, career prospects are primarily opened up by the major. Knowledge of political science is particularly in demand in the following areas:

  • journalism
  • Election research
  • Politics or administration (local, state and federal level)
  • political associations and non-governmental organizations
  • political education
  • Policy advice
  • Publishing
  • international organizations

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