The strengths of the Stuttgart Institute of Philosophy lie in the combination of basic research and application in the areas of epistemology and philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, language and culture, ethics and political philosophy.
You will learn and refine the philosophical methods in the course of your studies and learn to contribute independently to the discourses in these areas.



The sum of the points achieved in the Abitur certificate is divided: for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 900 points is divided by 30, for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 840 points it is divided by 28 (maximum 30 points).

Other selection criteria  (maximum 5 points)

  • Completed professional training or previous professional practice relevant to the course (even without completed training) as well as other relevant practical activities
  • special training
  • extracurricular performance and qualifications

The scores from the school and other criteria are added up (maximum 35 points). A ranking list is created based on the number of points.



English and another modern foreign language or English and Latin or (ancient) Greek.
The exact regulations can be found in the examination regulations.


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