The history of science and technology makes use of the historical-critical methodology of the historical sciences. It opens up, examines and interprets sources : texts and images, scientific processes and technical practices, instruments and technical objects. It looks for prerequisites, reasons and patterns of technical innovations and scientific discoveries and asks about their consequences. It offers insight into the social and cultural relevance of science and analyzes opportunities and problems of technical developments. In doing so, it makes a contribution to reflecting on our current scientific and technical culture. The history of science and technology are taught together and in relation to one another during the course.



The GNT course is not structured chronologically according to epochs. Instead, the main focus is on learning scientific methods and procedures with which the sources from different epochs are examined. In lectures, seminars and reading original sources from the epochs, you will explore a broad spectrum of topics - from the technique of building pyramids and the legitimation of experiments in the early modern period to the history of new materials in aircraft construction in the late 20th century The course with its diverse modules leaves you room for the main areas of your choice. A particularly high priority - also for most students - is project work, in which a whole semester is worked on a topic from practice. 



After completing your degree, you will find career prospects wherever scientific and technical issues are historically processed, documented or conveyed. This happens both with public and private employers, for example in company archives and public relations , in museums and public archives , in science management and science journalism .

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