The "European Media Studies" bachelor's degree is a one-subject course. It consists of theoretical and practical seminars, with a focus on project work. The standard period of study for full-time study is six semesters including the time for writing the bachelor thesis. During the course of study, at least 162 points must be achieved in modules 1 to 12. In the sixth semester, a theoretical and / or creative work with a written component (12 points) must be completed, which is accompanied by a colloquium (module 13 = 6 points) and must be defended orally.

Upon successful completion, the University of Potsdam, in agreement with the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, awards the degree of "Bachelor of Arts


Credit points

Introduction to media culture studies 14 LP
Technical and design basics of digital media 8 LP
Media law and cultural economics  16 LP
European cultural history and media cultural history 17 LP
Media art 14 LP
Theories, forms and stories of knowledge 15 LP
Media staging forms 14 LP
Concepts and forms of media design 18 LP
Media projects 12 LP
Interdisciplinary supplementary course  16 LP
Free project work (supervised) 10 LP
internship 8 LP
colloquium 6 LP
Bachelor thesis and disputation 12 LP
total 180 LP


You should not only be interested in media in the current and historical context, in the history of culture and art, but also be prepared to think beyond a concept of media or media defined by the mass media themselves. Creativity and the joy of designing are also required. In terms of the European orientation of the course and the requirements in professional life, good foreign language skills, especially English, are recommended.
Proof of a university entrance qualification is required for the bachelor's degree at the University of Potsdam. 


With a successfully completed Bachelor's degree in European Media Studies, you will have basic skills for the analysis, design and criticism of the media as well as content-related cultural management. In particular, the study objectives are:

  • a basic understanding of the cultural conditionality of the media as well as the cultural processes that are brought about, influenced and changed by the media
  • the ability to analyze and evaluate culture and media in Europe
  • Confidence in dealing with the constantly changing requirements of the media sector
  • Knowledge of media theory, history and aesthetics, as well as art and new media
  • The ability to evaluate and reflect on creative and artistic processes as well as the critical analysis of media content and forms
  • the creative conception and development of media formats as well as their design
  • the ability to develop your own projects

Possible professional fields include: publishers and print media (features, media-specific and scientific programs), radio and television (editing, conception and criticism), internet and hypermedia (online editors), curatorial activities (festivals), editing for media aesthetic areas ( DVD and CD-ROM projects, television films, video production, short films) as well as professions in advertising, international cultural management (material and idea development for "media events" and their staging), media production (format development and format analysis), in media services and self-employed Media activities.

An advanced research-oriented master can also be connected. The New Meiden as well as their theoretical-practical analysis need specialists for their program-administrative and developing professional fields who have a profound knowledge of the theory, history and aesthetics of the media and who are able to recognize and recognize the effects of media processes on social consciousness describe and respond to them practically.

Added to this is the entire spectrum of media research in the university sector. Given the rapid change in the situation in and around the media, training cannot be specific to a single job description; rather, the students should be enabled to adapt quickly and competently to new professional fields in the areas mentioned


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