A wide range of practical language and translation exercises underline the professional orientation of the course. Among other things, techniques of simultaneous interpreting, media interpreting and various forms of audio-visual translation, such as dubbing and film subtitling, are taught. You will also have the opportunity to try artistic translation (literary translation). In seminars on translational techniques in the field of tourism, museums and memorials as well as in various media, you expand the field of language-related contexts and at the same time open up opportunities for professional specialization. In addition, internships in Germany and Poland as well as the key competencies imparted in tutorials and seminars make it easier for you to start your professional career.


The course can be started at the University of Potsdam and at the Maria Curie Sk?odowska University in Lublin. If you start your studies in Potsdam, you will complete the first three semesters at the UP, with the Potsdam and Lublin students studying together at the UP in the second and third semesters. In the fourth and fifth semesters, the entire cohort studies at the Maria Curie Sk?odowska University in Lublin. The sixth semester is completed at the university at which the course was started. The Institute for Slavic Studies at the University of Potsdam (with the Center for Languages ??and Key Competencies and the Institute for German Studies as cooperation partners) and the Institute for German Studies and Applied Linguistics at the Maria Curie Sk?odowska University in Lublin are responsible for the study program.


Credit points

I. Compulsory modules 138 LP
Introduction to literary and cultural studies 1 9 LP
Introduction to literary and cultural studies 2 9 LP
Advanced Module Polish Literature and Culture (Type C) 6 LP
Translation as a cultural practice

9 LP

Linguistics 1 9 LP
Internship Germany 6 LP
Linguistics 2 9 LP
Translation / interpreting 1 9 LP
Tourism as an area of ??linguistic activity 9 LP
Media as an area of ??linguistic activity 9 LP
Translation / interpreting 2 9 LP
Internship Poland 6 LP
Bachelor colloquium 1 3 LP
Advanced Module Polish Literature and Culture (Type B) 9 LP
Bachelor colloquium 2 3 LP
Language practice Polish 1 9 LP
Polish language practice 2 9 LP
Language practice translation 6 LP
II. Bachelor thesis 12 LP
III. Key competencies 30 LP
Basic module Academic basic skills for polonists 12 LP
Occupational field-specific skills 18 LP
total 180 LP


For a successful degree it is important that you already have basic language skills in Polish (level B1). Therefore, the entry requirement for the bachelor's degree in applied culture and translation studies (German-Polish) is the passing of a language proficiency test or proof of equivalent language skills. If you do not have the necessary language skills, you can acquire them in a one-year orientation phase at the University of Potsdam. In contrast to all other undergraduate courses, for the Applied Culture and Translation Studies course (German-Polish) you only need to have a  knowledge of German at level B2 of the Provide evidence of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ??(GER).


The aim of the course is to prepare you for a professional future in all those areas in which translation activities play an important role. After completing your studies, you will have a high level of competence in both languages ??and extensive specialist knowledge in the field of translation and cultural transfer. The cultural, linguistic and translation science-based skills and abilities acquired during your studies enable you to specialize as a professional translator and interpreter in various areas of intercultural communication - in tourism, memorial and museum education, cultural operations, media, business or politics . You are able to work creatively and responsibly both individually and in translation teams.

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