All biological processes have a molecular basis that we have to understand in order to understand life itself and to fathom the causes of diseases. Organisms represent the highest form of organization and the ordering principles span many orders of magnitude from the level of molecules to cells and unique organs. The aim of the Molecular Cell Biology course is to convey these principles comprehensively. The students get an overview of a wide range of modern cell biological, biochemical, genetic and computer-aided methods and are thus able to answer fundamental questions in biology and medical research.

The establishment of the master’s degree in three faculties (the mathematical and natural sciences, the medical and the agricultural faculties) opens up a unique spectrum of thematic orientations and possible elective modules. It is an explicit wish and endeavor of the master’s program to enable graduates to go directly to their doctorate.

Entry Requirement


  • Examination regulations (legally binding information)
  • University degree (domestic or foreign) in a relevant subject (molecular orientation)
  • English skills (language level GeR C1)
  • Minimum grade 2.7 or country-specific equivalent
  • Specific modules: Practical knowledge of biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and cell biology at the level of the Biology bachelor's degree in the amount of 5 ECTS each (total 20 ECTS) or equivalent evidence.
  • Passed the exam to determine the ability to study for applicants who are neither Germans nor citizens of an EU member state.`

Career Prospects

Basic research in all areas of the life sciences as well as in (bio) medical research (institutes of the Max Planck Society, large research institutions, etc.), leading position in the pharmaceutical industry, science (teaching / research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

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