In the master’s course in Astrophysics, students learn to address astrophysical problems and to solve them with scientific methods beyond the current limits of knowledge. In addition, interdisciplinary questions should enable us to recognize interdisciplinary relationships. The scientific methods and findings are applied independently, responsibly and self-critically.

In addition to events in which the (astro) physical basics and the properties of the building blocks of our universe are taught (stars, interstellar medium, galaxies and cosmology), there is a laboratory internship in which experiments on modern topics in physics are carried out. In addition, there is a large number of elective events that reflect the breadth of astrophysical research. Their focus is defined by the research areas of the researchers based at Bonn University and the neighboring Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy: Star formation, star evolution, supernovae, compact objects such as microquasars, neutron stars and pulsars, black holes, interstellar medium, star clusters, galaxies, Active galactic nuclei (such as quasars), galaxy clusters, cosmology, Large-scale structure of the universe, gravitational lenses and sky surveys in different frequency ranges (radio / X-ray astronomy and optical astronomy). As part of the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School, students can also take courses at the University of Cologne.

Entry Requirement

  • Examination regulations (legally binding information)
  • University degree (domestic or foreign) in a relevant subject
  • English skills (language level GeR B2)
  • Specific modules: atomic, molecular, solid-state, nuclear and / or elementary particle physics (at least 15 ECTS) | Laboratory internships (at least 15 ECTS) | Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics (at least 15 ECTS) | Basic knowledge of astrophysics at the level of the "Introduction to Astrophysics" course (at least 4 ECTS)

Career Prospects

Education and research (e.g. universities, observatories, etc.), service sector, machine and device construction, microelectronics, energy technology, software development, science journalism

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