In the subject of Protestant religious studies in the Master of Education course, students acquire scientific knowledge about Christianity as a possibility of human interpretation, lifestyle and values ??as well as a formative factor of occidental culture and society. The subject-specific topics include systematic theology with questions of dogmatics and ethics as well as biblical studies with problems from Old Testament or New Testament exegesis. Ecumenical issues and different options for dealing with religious plurality are also important.

While the focus of the Bachelor’s program is on the two specialist subjects, the Master of Education’s focus is more on educational sciences and subject didactics. The students acquire scientific and professional knowledge about the nature and goal of education and teaching from a Protestant perspective as well as about framework conditions, goals, methods and subjects of teaching in Protestant religion. The theological and religious didactic development of central topics of religious education play an important role.

Two subjects are studied in the teaching post for grammar schools and comprehensive schools. In addition to Protestant religious studies, the students also take a second subject as well as educational sciences. The practical semester is a central component of the course.

Entry Requirement

  • Examination regulations (legally binding information)
  • University degree (domestic or foreign) in a relevant subject
  • German language skills (language level GeR C2)
  • Other language skills: Two foreign languages ??(modern foreign languages ??at language level GeR A2 or Latinum or Graecum) Graecum and Latinum OR Graecum and Hebraicum compulsory
  • Specific modules: 67 ECTS each in the scientific / subject didactic modules of the chosen subjects (including 3 ECTS each in subject didactics) | 24 ECTS in educational sciences (including 3 ECTS on the subject of inclusion; aptitude and orientation internship as well as professional field internship) | Bachelor thesis 7 ECTS
  • 9 weeks internship, 25 days of which at school

Career Prospects

  • Teaching in schools
  • You can find further possible occupational fields under the Protestant Theology (MA) course .

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