The subject of plant sciences (crop production) is studied as a small professional subject in combination with the large professional subject agricultural science in the Master of Education course for the vocational college.

In the teaching post for vocational colleges, a large professional subject is studied in combination with a small professional subject. The students also take the subject of educational science. The practical semester is a central component of the course.

Further information can be found on the website of the large vocational field of agricultural science (M.Ed.) 

Entry Requirement

  • Examination regulations (legally binding information)
  • University degree (domestic or foreign) in a relevant subject
  • German language skills (language level GeR C2)
  • Other language skills: A foreign language (modern foreign language at language level GeR A2 or Latinum or Graecum)
  • Specific modules: 95 ECTS in the subject-specific / subject-didactic modules of the major vocational subject (including 6 ECTS in subject-subject didactics) | 39 ECTS in the small vocational subject | 24 ECTS in educational sciences (including 3 ECTS on the subject of inclusion; aptitude and orientation internship as well as professional field internship) | Bachelor thesis 7 ECTS 9 weeks internship, 25 days of which at school

Career Prospects

  • Teaching in schools
  • Further possible occupational fields can be found under the study programs Agricultural and Food Economics (M.Sc.) and Crop Science (M.Sc.) .

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