The Archeology course brings the material legacies of past cultures into their historical and cultural-historical context. It includes the subjects: Classical Archeology, Pre- and Protohistoric Archeology, Christian Archeology and Egyptology.

Classical archeology includes the archaeological exploration of the ancient Mediterranean and focuses on the culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The prehistoric and early historical archeology focuses on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age up to the cultural development of Europe in the first millennium AD. Christian archeology is dedicated to the archaeological remains from late antiquity and early Byzantine epochs. Egyptology deals with all areas of ancient Egyptian high culture: including language and writing as well as religion and culture.

In the core subject, knowledge from three of the four above-mentioned subjects can be acquired and deepened individually. In addition to scientific training, great importance is attached to practical relevance. Excursions, exercises in front of originals and internships are offered. The Archeology Teaching Unit has two museums: the Academic Art Museum and the Egyptian Museum.

This subject must be combined with another subject:

Entry Requirement

HZB (e.g. Abitur)

German language skills (language level GeR C1)

Career Prospects

Science (science management, teaching / research at universities, research institutions, etc.), monument authorities, exhibitions / museums (curatorial activity, guided tours, logistics), insurance (e.g. preparation of expert opinions), tourism (study tour management, program development), cultural sector (event organization, cultural institutions, etc. ), Journalism (editing / proofreading at news agencies, publishers, radio, television, etc.), public relations (e.g. in museums, cultural associations, companies)


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