The geosciences research the development of the earth and that of life from its formation to the present day. Scientific questions about global change, environmental influences and risks and the availability of raw materials in demand can be answered with an understanding of the geoprocesses involved.

The geological investigation of the earth structure and the rocks occurring near the surface provide valuable information on previous and future processes (e.g. volcanism, tsunamis, earthquakes, climate change). While geophysical processes allow us to look inside the earth, geochemical analyzes provide information on past processes, the traces of which are often only stored in the rocks. Understanding the hydrogeological systems in the upper crust of the earth helps to guarantee the global supply of drinking water. Paleontology deals with the development of life as a function of habitat and climate, also with a view to today's scenarios.

The wide range of studies offers geology, palaeontology, geochemistry / petrology and geophysics all core areas of geosciences. Geoscientific basics are taught together with the subjects chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics right from the start. Within the geoscientific specialization, the focus is on practical and research-oriented training in the field, in the laboratory and on the computer.

Entry requirements 

HZB (e.g. Abitur)

German language skills (language level GeR C1)

Career Prospects

Applied geology (groundwater resources, development aid, environmental protection, geohazards), ministries / offices (environmental sector), geological services, raw material exploration / use and materials (industry), public relations and museums, science (teaching / research at universities, research institutions)

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