The basis of all IT-relevant technologies is the mathematical representation of real problems in the form of algorithms. The subject of computer science deals with the development and application of such algorithms for almost all technical devices as well as for various computer-aided areas.

Theoretical computer science forms the basis with the question of how and in what complexity a problem can be represented algorithmically, while practical computer science develops methods and concepts for solving such problems (e.g. by creating tailor-made software). Computer engineering, on the other hand, deals with the basics of hardware. Finally, application and implementation take place in the field of applied computer science.

The computer science course has a research-oriented orientation. Great emphasis is placed on the acquisition of mathematical-formal as well as algorithmic-systematic thinking. A first specialization in one of the main areas of algorithms, autonomous systems, computer graphics, computer vision, data science, IT security and visualization is possible as early as the bachelor’s degree.

Entry requirements 

HZB (e.g. Abitur)

German language skills (language level GeR C1)

Career Prospects

Production / development of IT systems (design of computers, development of operating systems / user interfaces), activity in trade / consulting companies (system / application programming, IT organization, system consulting, training), activity with the user (administration , Maintenance / expansion of data processing systems and programming systems, training / advice), teaching, science (teaching / research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

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