The course in economics researches economic phenomena and their relationships in the past and present. Economics is divided into economics and business administration: Economics deals with macroeconomic aspects, ie it researches the interactions between all those involved in economic life (state, companies, private households, consumers). Business administration, on the other hand, takes into account individual economic aspects and examines the interdependencies within individual companies or households. The course primarily conveys basic economic terms, economic thinking and, using suitable methods, the ability to work on economic problems.

The course offers the opportunity to develop a profile through specialization areas in economics and business administration: economics and politics, economics and corporate management, economics and finance, economics and strategic decision-making, and economics and data.

Students should be able to recognize and understand fundamental economic relationships.

This subject must be combined with another subject:

Entry requirements 

HZB (e.g. Abitur)

German language skills

Career Prospects


Activities in interfaces to economic topics, administration (public service, chambers / associations), speaker activities (e.g. in associations, parties or non-governmental organizations), labor and social affairs, press or public relations (e.g. in private companies or state institutions), management consulting , Journalism (editing / proofreading at news agencies, publishers, radio, television, etc.)

Incidentally, possible occupational fields correspond strongly with the choice of the core subject.

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