The M.Sc. Medical technology expands and deepens knowledge and skills in engineering and human medicine. It is carried out by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the TU Darmstadt in cooperation with the Department of Medicine at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. 80% of the course content is offered by the TU Darmstadt (e.g. engineering, computer science, social and human sciences). 20% of the teaching content is offered by the Goethe University Frankfurt (human medicine).

The involvement of students in current research increases the high level of application relevance. You can choose from the following thematic focuses:

Medical Imaging and Image Editing (BB); Radiation Physics and Technology in Medicine (ST); Digital Dentistry and Surgical Robotics and Navigation (DC); Actuators, sensors and neurostimulation (ASN).

The degree “Master of Science” is equivalent to the academic degree “Diplom-Ingenieur”.

The course offers the students the greatest possible freedom of choice, a wide range of specialist / technical options through teaching imports from the fields of economics, social and human sciences, materials science, mechanical engineering and computer science at the TU Darmstadt, and a practical range in medicine. In the research-oriented master’s degree, the knowledge that was already acquired in the bachelor’s degree is deepened.



Medical technology is a promising discipline with high growth potential. Accordingly, the chances for graduates of this course on the job market are very good - not least because they have a large number of fields of activity.

Medical technology engineers are employed, for example, in the medical technology industry, in hospitals and various branches of the electrical industry. There they work, among other things, in the areas of development, construction, assembly, manufacturing, production, system planning, quality assurance and management. Due to their interdisciplinary knowledge and their ability to think in terms of systems technology, they are particularly qualified to take on management functions.

In addition to studying, it is important to gain your own practical experience in relevant institutions at an early stage, to demonstrate your general suitability for practice and to establish contacts. The prospect of a good position is increased by the willingness to move professionally, also abroad. A good command of the English language is particularly recommended if you have an international focus.

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