Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering science at the interface of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. It deals with the development and production of integrated mechanical-electronic systems that automatically record information and signals, extract new data from them and convert them into forces and movements.

Mechatronic systems are ubiquitous today, be it in the form of active landing gears and safety systems such as ABS, ASR and ESP, industrial robots, DVD players for domestic use or controls in large commercial aircraft.

The Bachelor of Science degree in mechatronics at TU Darmstadt enables you to plan and implement complex, innovative mechatronic components and systems.

General note: With the Bachelor of Science, students obtain their first professional qualification. However, the Master of Science degree is the standard qualification at TU Darmstadt. We therefore recommend completing a master’s degree.




The Mechatronics is considered promising discipline with high growth potential. Accordingly, the chances for graduates of this course on the job market are very good - not least because they have a large number of fields of activity. Mechatronics engineersare employed, for example, in the various branches of mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive and aviation industry or the electrical industry. There they work, among other things, in the areas of development, construction, assembly, manufacturing, production, system planning, quality assurance and management. Due to their interdisciplinary knowledge and their ability to think in terms of systems technology, they are particularly qualified to take on management functions.

In addition to studying, it is important to gain your own practical experience in relevant institutions at an early stage, to prove your general suitability for practice and to establish contacts. The prospect of a good position is increased by the willingness to move professionally, also abroad. A good command of the English language is particularly recommended if you have an international focus.

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