The Master of Science Chemistry course enables in-depth training with a wide range of specialization options. The course builds consecutively on the Bachelor of Science Chemistry course and conveys both the prerequisites for independent scientific work in a subsequent doctorate as well as the extended specialist knowledge for scientific activities in the field of industry, business, administration, research and teaching.

For the Master of Science in Chemistry course, three subjects from the following list must be taken:

Inorganic chemistry; Biochemistry; Macromolecular chemistry; Organic chemistry; Physical chemistry; Technical chemistry; Theoretical chemistry.

One of the three selected subjects is chosen as the main subject. Each of the three subjects to be chosen is divided into a theory module and an internship module. In the research-oriented specialization, this is supplemented by three further theoretical and practical modules.




The training of chemists typically leads to research in the chemical industry or at a university. In this regard, it makes sense to initially supplement the bachelor's degree with a subsequent master's degree. Graduates of the Master of Science in Chemistry are able to meet the very different requirements of a later career. It prepares you for a job, for example, in industry or in non-university research institutions (research, development and production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry), but also for independent research as part of a subsequent doctorate.

Chemistry students acquire a broad basic scientific knowledge in the first semesters. Therefore, it can sometimes be useful to start a master’s degree in a related subject.

In addition to studying, it is also important to gain your own practical experience in relevant institutions at an early stage, to demonstrate your general suitability for practice and to establish contacts. The prospect of a good position is increased by the willingness to move professionally, also abroad. A good command of the English language is particularly recommended if you have an international focus.

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