The Master of Science Biomolecular Engineering or Molecular Biotechnology course offers the opportunity to focus on individual and particularly current fields of molecular biosciences and biological chemistry.

Biomolecular Engineering transfers theoretical knowledge about chemical and biological processes on a molecular level into practice and creates a technological platform for the targeted design of biologically active molecules and production / synthesis processes. It allows detailed insights into how biological macromolecules work and enables the development of innovative products and processes, ranging from tailor-made enzymes to new biomolecule-based analysis methods or drugs.



The training of molecular biotechnologists typically leads to research in the chemical industry or at a university. In this regard, it makes sense to initially supplement the bachelor's degree with a master's degree. The Master of Science Biomolecular Engineering courseserves to train bioengineers and molecular biotechnologists who are able to meet the very different requirements of a later professional activity. It prepares you for a job, for example, in industry or in non-university research institutions (research, development and production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, food industry), but also for independent research as part of a subsequent doctorate.

Biomolecular Engineering students acquire a broad basic scientific knowledge in the first semesters and are confronted with interdisciplinary issues. Therefore, it can sometimes be useful to start a master’s degree in a related subject.

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