In addition to the normative question of justice, the focus of this course is on the historical analysis of changes in political terms and the theory-based analysis of power and domination relationships in political reality. Political theory is considered from a historical-historical, philosophical, empirical-cultural-social and institutional-theoretical perspective. The aim is to enable a comprehensive analysis of the political present and its dynamics.

The Master of Arts in Political Theory is a cooperation between the TU Darmstadt and the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Students attend events at both universities.


In principle, the possible fields of activity for humanities scholars and thus also for graduates of political science or the Master of Arts in political theory are widely spread. This broad spectrum results not least from the practical experience that the students were able to gain during their studies or to which content-related focal points they primarily devoted themselves to.

Generally speaking, they can work, for example, in school or specialist book editorial offices, in publishing houses (e.g. in proofreading), in radio, television and newspaper editorial offices, in PR and advertising agencies, in libraries and archives, in international organizations and in the cultural sector . With additional business management qualifications, they can also work in commercial enterprises (e.g. in sales and marketing or in human resources). Activities in press and public relations or, as already mentioned, in journalism are further professional options that are not infrequently sought by humanities scholars.

For political scientists, it is also obvious to work in research and teaching at universities. You can also work for statistical, market and opinion research institutes, as well as for political parties, associations, international organizations or in public administration.

It is therefore important, in addition to studying, to gather your own practical experience in relevant institutions at an early stage, to prove your general suitability for practice and to establish contacts. The prospect of a good position is increased by the willingness to move professionally, also abroad. A good command of the English language is particularly recommended if you have an international focus

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