The teaching degree at vocational schools at TU Darmstadt is made up of two interlinked courses :

  • first the Bachelor of Education course (6 semesters; professional subject), and
  • followed by the Master of Education course (4 semesters; general education subject / specialist science).
  • Methodology / Didactics andPractical phases complement the technical content of the subjects.

Only the completion of the Bachelor of Education and Master of Education is equivalent to the First State Examination in Hesse and is therefore an obligatory prerequisite for acceptance into preparatory service (legal clerkship) or school service.



Prospective students must first be able to present the required university entrance qualification. All information on admission, admission restrictions in the individual subjects and the application process can be found on the homepage of theStudent Service .

Admission requirements for the Bachelor of Education:

  • General university entrance qualification or comparable qualification
  • Subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or comparable qualification
  • University entrance qualification
  • Access to universities in the state of Hesse as a professionally qualified person
  • Proof of a related internship of 52 weeks or related professional training



Absolventinnen und Absolventen des Studiengangs Bachelor of Education ? bieten sich Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten in beruflichen Bildungseinrichtungen der Wirtschaft, im Bereich der Berufsbildungswissenschaften oder auf dem freien Arbeitsmarkt.

Entry into the preparatory service (legal traineeship) for a teaching position at a vocational school, a vocational high school, a technical school, a technical college, a vocational school as well as in classes of the basic vocational training year and the vocational preparation year is only open to them after completing a postgraduate course Master of Education.

It is difficult to make predictions about the future need for teachers and their chances of being hired in the school service, as they depend on a large number of different factors. These include, for example, the demographic development, the chosen combination of subjects or type of school, political framework conditions, etc.

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