In psychology, scientific-experimental methods are used to investigate cause-effect relationships in human experience and behavior that cannot be recognized without scientific means.

At the Institute for Psychology at TU Darmstadt, basic research is carried out in perception and cognition, human development, social psychology and physiological psychology. The main areas of application are work and engineering psychology, organizational and business psychology as well as media and educational psychology.

The B.Sc. Psychology at the TU Darmstadt does not meet the legal requirements for psychotherapist training. The B.Sc. Psychology at the TU Darmstadt, training as a psychotherapist is excluded.



Entering the profession directly after completing a B.Sc. in psychology is the exception. Rather, the standard qualification is the master’s degree. This is mainly due to the lack of career opportunities for B.Sc. psychology graduates in the clinical field. Instead, possible occupational fields can be found in human resources (assessment center), in marketing and market research as well as in management consulting (organizational development, conception of training and further education offers).

Graduates of the M.Sc. Psychology at the TU Darmstadt can work in different professional fields, e.g. B. in interdisciplinary teams with engineers, managers, health workers and teachers or as experts in the areas of human factors and human resources in organizational contexts. The training to become a psychotherapist follows the M.Sc. Psychology at TU Darmstadt will no longer be possible.

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