The Bachelor of Science in Materials Science course is based on fundamental training in the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry. At the same time, specific training in materials science begins in the first semester. The contents of the lectures are accompanied by laboratory internships.

Structure of the course:

  • Compulsory courses (lectures, exercises, laboratory internships) in which the basics of materials science , mathematics , physics and chemistry are taught.
  • Minor compulsory courses in technical mechanics and electrical engineering (lectures, exercises).
  • In the second part of the course, the focus is on methods of materials science, as well as construction and functional materials .
  • There is also a compulsory elective area from the scientific-technical area and the interdisciplinary area (e.g. economics / business administration).
  • In the bachelor thesis you work on a small research project.

General note: With the Bachelor of Science, students obtain their first professional qualification. However, the Master of Science degree is the standard qualification at TU Darmstadt. We therefore recommend completing a master’s degree.




Nowadays there is an enormous demand for different materials in almost all economic sectors. The development of efficient and resource-saving materials is likely to become of increasing importance, especially against the background of increasing raw material and energy shortages worldwide.

Graduates find employment in areas such as material development, materials technology (i.e. the development of new manufacturing and processing methods), in application technology, materials testing / quality control and damage analysis. Materials scientists can work not only in industry, but also, for example, in administration or insurance.

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