Electrical engineering and information technology are omnipresent today. It extends into human life in many ways. The degree in electrical engineering and information technology (etit) in the Bachelor of Science at TU Darmstadt enables you to participate in the planning and implementation of electrical and information technology components and systems. In the first four semesters, there is a broad scientific education in the mathematical, scientific and technical basics of the subject.

From the fourth semester onwards, knowledge is acquired in one of the six freely selectable areas of focus: automation technology (AUT), computer-aided electrodynamics (CED), data technology (DT), electrical energy technology (EET), communication technology and sensor systems (KTS), sensors, actuators and electronics (SAE) ) deepened.

In addition to subject-specific qualifications, interdisciplinary skills such as project management, languages ??and economics are also taught.

The course is both research and practice-oriented. As part of laboratory internships, theoretical knowledge is tested in practical application throughout the course.



The employment opportunities for electrical engineers are extremely diverse. The electrical and electronics industry should be mentioned first in this context. Because electrical engineering is a key technology in numerous engineering fields, it is closely interwoven in many ways with industries such as mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive and medical technology. Furthermore, companies in the field of information and communication technology, energy technology and automation technology are among the potential employers of electrical engineers. In addition, a significant number of graduates choose to pursue a doctorate at a university or research institute for their career entry.

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