The course business computer science is an ideal combination of economics and computer science. Interdisciplinary is his strength. In addition to a well-founded economic education in business administration and economics, the curriculum includes an extensive teaching program in the field of computer science and business informatics. The course is rounded off by the basics of mathematics and law. Business IT specialists who studied at the TU Darmstadt are real all-round talents.

The bachelor's degree in business informatics differs from the pure computer science course in that it has less specialization in the area of ??specialization in computer science. Otherwise, however, the business informatics students attend the same events as their fellow computer science students. In addition, there is an economic education in the areas of business administration and economics as well as the imparting of basic legal knowledge.

General note: With the Bachelor of Science, students obtain their first professional qualification. However, the Master of Science degree is the standard qualification at TU Darmstadt. We therefore recommend completing a master’s degree.



Business IT specialists work at the interface between IT and business requirements. For example, development, marketing and product life cycles are now much more closely timed than in the past, so that processes in companies or in production have to be carried out in parallel to a greater extent than in the past. Business IT specialists have the necessary knowledge from both areas for this interface requirement.

Within this framework, the field of activity of business IT specialists lies in the planning and development of information and communication systems. They find employment in companies of almost all industries, management consultancies, public administration or even as self-employed.

For example, business IT specialists in companies check the existing IT systems for their security and effectiveness and are responsible for their maintenance as well as for the introduction of new software solutions. Other fields of application are e.g. B. the technical mapping of administrative tasks and production controls, development of databases and web-based information systems.

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