The geosciences deal with almost all pressing environmental and resource problems. They ensure the supply of clean water, fossil and alternative energy sources, ores and salts, and all kinds of building materials and materials. They deal with global climate change, with the pollution of the atmosphere, soil, water and seas and with the causes and effects of natural disasters. Well-trained experts are required for the variety of related tasks and fields of activity. The possibilities within a technical university offer the ideal environment for application-oriented research-oriented courses.

General note: With the Bachelor of Science, students obtain their first professional qualification. However, the Master of Science degree is the standard qualification at TU Darmstadt. We therefore recommend completing a master’s degree.



The Bachelor of Science in Applied GeosciencesTU Darmstadt has a high application focus, as the name already shows. Last but not least, this is also important as a distinguishing feature from geoscientific courses at other universities, for example, which are more geological and paleontological. Application-related occupational fields are linked to the three core topics of water - energy - environment. For example, geoscientists are active in the areas of water protection, drinking water supply or water management; in (alternative) energy generation, for example through the development of geothermal resources, in the area of ??deposit exploration and development, in the remediation of contaminated sites, soil investigation, rock and tunnel construction In doing so, they work closely with other engineering and technical professions. Since the areas of application

Other possible fields of work are in the insurance industry, dealing with environmental damage, but also in tourism or journalism. Geoscientists often work in consulting or engineering companies, drilling companies, but also in offices and administrations, where it can also be a matter of developing guidelines and the like. or to check compliance with regulations. Finally, it is also possible to work in science and research.

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