When dealing with educational issues, educators are confronted with contradictions, such as the fact that although maturity is the goal of educational efforts, it is a project with an open outcome and is only brought about by subjects.

The Bachelor of Arts course in Education takes the tension as an opportunity to work out social constitutional conditions, theories and cognitive methods of education in central educational science basic categories and to transfer them to specific problems within the discipline. Through an introduction to research processes in the human sciences in the context of basic educational categories and methodological approaches, the students are encouraged to make sound critical judgments and to classify scientific findings in social contexts. Pedagogy always implies an examination of (vocational) educational theory and pedagogical practice as well as their interaction.

The course is divided into a basic and extended area, in which a methodical and systematic introduction to the subject takes place. This also includes a 400-hour internship (15 CP) in an educational field and a freely selectable elective area (24 CP). In the profile area, the students get to know the research focus of the institute and are thus introduced to their own research work / thesis



After completing your degree, you will find a variety of career opportunities. Experiences already gained through internships and corresponding references often play an important role when starting a career, as they can show a special professional profile.

Possible fields of activity for pedagogues are, for example, in extracurricular education and upbringing, e.g. adult education (e.g. at adult education centers), parties / associations, youth welfare institutions, etc. Further fields of activity can be in personnel development, in school within the framework of all-day school and in vocational preparation Action for young people can be seen. Pedagogues also find employment in the field of advice (e.g. educational advice, marriage advice, advice centers, e.g. from offices). In principle, if you are suitable and interested, an activity in educational research or at a university is always conceivable.

The annual lecture series EX-PÄDs im Beruf provides information about the careers of pedagogy graduates from TU Darmstadt.

In addition to studying, it is important to gain your own practical experience in relevant institutions at an early stage, to prove your general suitability for practice and to establish contacts. The prospect of a good position is increased by the willingness to move professionally, also abroad. A good command of the English language is particularly recommended if you have an international focus. The Institute for General Pedagogy and Vocational Education also recommends completing the Master’s degree after completing the Bachelor’s degree, as this opens up more potential professional fields.

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