The Bachelor of Arts degree program in the form of Joint Bachelor of Arts in subjects X and Y combines two equally important subject areas.

The subject of economics conveys a limited number of central, introductory fundamentals of business administration and economics. This combination is useful, for example, for those who, as a humanities scholar, would like to be able to better understand economic and internal processes. A deepening or expansion of the economic fundamentals or a further specialization is not possible within the limited framework of a JBA sub-subject.


The Bachelor of Arts degree program in the form of Joint Bachelor of Arts in subjects X and Y combines two equally weighted different subject pillars, of which at least one must be chosen from the range of subjects in Faculty 02 Social and History.

Selectable subjects for the first subject pillar :

Digital philology; German Studies; History; Musical culture; Philosophy; Political science; Sociology.

Selectable subjects for the second subject pillar :

Digital philology; German Studies; History; Computer science; Musical culture; Philosophy; Political science; Sociology; Sports science; Economics.

A disciplinary specialization is only required as part of the Master of Arts



As far as the professional fields of activity are concerned, graduates of the economics sub-subject (JBA) will probably not compete for the same positions with fully trained business economists, economists or industrial engineers. This is due to the significantly smaller scope of economic content compared to a pure study of business administration or economics. The economics sub-subject (JBA) is therefore particularly recommended for those who see themselves primarily as humanities or social scientists, but who want to give themselves a special profile through in-depth basic economic knowledge. Career opportunities could therefore be found in areas where, for example,

In order to have a perspective with large corporations or internationally active medium-sized companies, relevant internships and international experience, ideally already gained during your studies or as a trainee, are almost inevitable. Being able to speak and write English fluently increases your chances of working in an international area.

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