In your Applied Mechatronic Systems bachelor's program you will gain a deeper understanding of the relevant disciplines of mechatronics, which include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. You will refresh your knowledge of mathematics, physics and statistics and deepen your programming skills as well as your intercultural and communicative skills.

During your studies you will be able to design complete solutions for electromechanical systems and you will know how to integrate the associated control systems, e.g. with the help of microcontrollers. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn more about exciting future fields such as automotive mechatronics, robotics, machine learning and smart manufacturing.

As a Bachelor of Engineering student you will get to know agile methods, work in the laboratory and interact with companies in practical projects. In addition, you will receive the " Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate Program (SMSCP) " certification on level 1 and 2.





  • Mathematics I                                                    5
  • Physics                                                              5
  • Statistics                                                            5
  • Language I (German or Spanish)                      5     
  • Programming5
  • Mechatronics Lab / Measurement Techniques I 5




  • Mathematics II                                                       5
  • Mechatronics Lab / Measurement Techniques II   5
  • Language II (German or Spanish)                         5
  • Analogue Electronics                                             5
  • Personal and learning skills                                   5
  • Advanced programming                                                      5





  • Mathematics III                                                      5
  • Language III (German or Spanish)                        5
  • Applied Computer Science Lab                             5
  • Microcontrollers                                                     5
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering                  5
  • Automotive Systems and Robotics                        5




  • Mechanical engineering                                       5
  • Scientific Research Work                                     5
  • Engineering drawing and design                          5
  • Embedded Systems                                             5
  • Elective Modul I                                                    5
  • Modeling and simulation                                       5




  • Sensor and Actuator Networks                             5
  • Imaging Technologies                                           5
  • Drives and Power Electronics                               5
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning              5
  • Advanced Mechatronics Lab                                 5
  • Elective Module II                                                  5




  • Smart Manufacturing                                                   5
  • IoT and Cloud Technologies                                        5
  • Material Science & Construction                                  5
  • Autonomous Systems Lab                                           5
  • Embedded Systems Lab                                              5
  • Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate (SMSCP)   5




  • Research Methods                     5
  • Internship                                   10
  • Bachelor's thesis                      15th



  • General university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification (if you have not yet completed a qualification, the last interim certificate is also sufficient)
  • Alternatively, a professional qualification and 3 years of professional experience can also provide access - you can find more cases and information on studying without a high school diploma
  • Proof of language proficiency in English
  • curriculum vitae
  • Copy of ID



  • TOEFL 87 ibt (direct admission)
  • TOEFL 79 - 86 ibt (with additional agreement)
  • TOEIC 785 (Listening / Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150)
  • IELTS (academic) 6.5 in average. Deviations from this are regulated in the current version of the Language Center's guideline
  • CAE (grade A, B, or C)
  • CPE (grade A, B or C)
  • FCE (grade A, B or C)
  • Pearson English Test Academic (PTE-A): 59 points.



  • Industrial development (planning, calculation, construction and testing of technical facilities, products and systems)
  • Production (planning, manufacture, operation and monitoring of technical and process engineering plants and systems, testing of products and processes, quality assurance)
  • Marketing and sales of technical systems, plants and products
  • Management positions in industry, in private companies and in public administration




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