During the program there is specialization in one area of mathematics (concentration area). This can be either from for pure or applied mathematical modules. Typically, the master’s thesis is written in this area.

Application Subjects

In addition, there is a large number of application subjects from the natural sciences, the humanities and the engineering sciences. It is possible to prepare a master’s thesis in cooperation with these application areas. It is also possible to change your application subject when transitioning from a Bachelor to a Master upon request.

English Language Option

It is possible to obtain the Masters in Mathematics entirely in English, if you choose Applied Mathematics as your concentration area. As minors (application areas) taught in English, you may currently choose from physics, applied geophysics, and computer science.

Programme Structures

The mathematics modules are broken down into three groups: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and a concentration. The course of study schedule gives you an initial look at the freedom of choice within the course of study:

Semester Pure Mathematics Applied Mathematics Concentration Application Subject
1 Elective Module
  Elective Module Elective Module
2   Elective Module
Elective Module Elective Module
3 Elective Module Elective Module Elective Module Elective Module
4     Master's Thesis

Entry Requirement

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations
  • Proficiency in German or English

Career Prospects


There are practically no unemployed mathematicians. After their studies, they have the possibility to find work in a broad spectrum of jobs.

Experience has proven that employers from diverse fields are looking for and value mathematicians as generalists. In addition to having completed a demanding course of study, graduates are qualified for abstract, structural thinking and quick incorporation into complex relationships for many careers in our society. Mathematicians can be found in almost all fields: IT, insurance, banks, consulting, medicine, mechanical engineering, etc.

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