Two subjects are also combined in Master's teacher training studies. The combination possibilities for the teacher training subjects are identical with those in the corresponding Bachelor courses of study.

Master's teacher training studies includes not only the two subjects but other elements as well:

  • Educational studies
  • Practical semester
  • German for School Students with an Immigration Background (DSSZ)

Programme Structure

The course of study is broken down into five obligatory modules.

Subject-Didactic and Practical School Studies

During the first academic year students only take module M1, which encompasses subject-didactic studies. These begin with an introductory course, in which students are confronted with subject-didactic fundamentals with an eye towards their future lessons. The school internship follows. The experiences made during the internship are analyzed and evaluted in the form of a portfolio and an individual conversation. This link between subject-didactic training and school practice supports students in drawing on their knowledge from individual theological disciplines for all topic fields of religious education, specific both to the type of school and age-appropriate. They learn how to plan and carry out lesson units that are target-group appropriate and to evalute them and critically reflect afterwards.

Technical Studies

Two additional modules have a technical orientation and fall under biblical (M3) and systematic (M5) theology. Here, exegetic and systematic work methods are used to tackle current research areas and to attain a scientific thoughtfulness or to practically address aspects of religion lessons from a technical perspective. Students choose two courses from a selection in these modules. The technical advancements enables them to continuously and independently include relevant developments in thelology new to Catholic theology as a school subject and to include corresponding research results in the teaching process.

Entry Programme

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations
  • Proficiency in German


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