Training to become a teacher at vocational school includes relevant practical training lasting twelve months. The subject-related practical training is not part of teacher training studies, meaning the twelve months are not included in the study period. The practical training must be completed before beginning the teaching practice period. The majority of the practical training should be completed before finishing studies. 

Programme Structure

Subject-Didactic and Practical School Studies

Lesson and school practice are at the focus of the first two semesters. A preparatory module accompanying the practical semester contains a technical seminar, a preparatory seminar with lesson exercises, and a seminar accompanying the practical semester.

In the subject-didactic module central topics of biology pedagogy are explored further using selected lesson topics (such as simplification and didactic reconstruction; exploration methods like experiments, investigations, and observations; media; modelling; subject and language; material and personal facilitation of learning process). Furthermore, students also work on the didactic structuring of individual hours and lesson sequences as well as planning and carrying out a skill-oriented biology lesson taking curricular requirements into consideration.

During the seminar that accompanies the practical semester, students work on turning skill-oriented learning objectives into subject content and methods for biology lessons. Another component of the subject-didactic module is managing media, tools and equipment relevant to school. 

Technical Studies

The technical component, that is the third and fourth semesters, encompasses two elective modules. In these modules students independently expand their theoretical and practical skills.

Through a technical internship students learn to apply common biological working methods and to transfer these to lessons. Both modules must be selected from the following fields:

  • General Biology (for ecample Microbiology, Cell Biology, or Environmental Sciences)
  • Botany
  • Zoology (for example Human Biology, Developmental Biology, or Neurobiology)

At least one of the modules must be closely related to biology lessons in schools (for example Human Biology 1) and at least one must contain an internship.

Students work out a current specific topic with the science, pedagogy, or education of biology in their Master's thesis. They have six months to write the thesis part-time. This period ends with a colloquium, in which students present their results.

Entry Requirement

  • First university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations
  • Proficiency in German

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