Automobiles must conserve more energy, production methods must be more efficient, and material usage cheaper and more environmentally sustainable. Highly specialized machines are needed to meet this consistently growing demands.Mechanical engineering's task is to develop them and create suitable solutions for almost all fields of application. It relies principles from natural science and engineering such as mathematics, thermodynamics, and materials science.The Bachelor course of study at RWTH is designed to reflect these current demands.It combines a challenging core curriculum with future-oriented and interdisciplinary projects. It does not limit itself to teaching only current content but rather also teaches fundamental, theoretical underlying concepts and methods that have endured the test of timeThrough the strong connection of research and teaching students receive training that matches the level of development as well as many practical experiences over the course of seven semesters.They learn to combine technical facts with profitability and user safety.This enables them to later master tasks in various fields of application within engineering under various technical, economic, and social conditions.

Starting in the fifth semester students can specialize and select from one of the career fields offered:

  • Production technology develops complex processes, which make it possible to conduct cost-effective production with longterm, consistant quality – and at every scale: from individual tools to complete production plants.
  • Product development focuses on the optimization of products in mechanical engineering. The spectrum ranges from materials to industrial design.
  • Energy and process engineering deal with the provision and transition of energy and materials. For example, crude oil is turned into cosmetics, biomass into fuel, wind power and sunlight into energy.
  • Textile and plastics technology is dedicated to the manufacture and processing of plastics and textile materials. This is how, for example, technical building components are developed from fibers and products for living are made from plastics.
  • The goal of transportation engineering is to optimize all methods of transport – from private vehicles to railcars to aircrafts.

Programme Structure

Semester Content
1 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics I, Machine Design I, Mathematics I, Physics, Chemistry, Communication, and Organizational Development
2 Mechanics II, Introduction to CAD, Principles of Electronics für Mechatronic Systems, Thermodynamics I, Mathematics II, Computer Science
3 Mechanics III, Materials Science I, Thermodynamics II, Machine Design II, Mathematics III, Metrological Lab
4 Machine Design III, Materials Science II, Fluid Mechanics I, Numerical Mathematics, Simulation Technology
5 Heat and Mass Transfer, Control Engineering, Business Engineering
Subjects from the selected career field
6 Quality and project management
Project – 6 weeks
Subjects from the selected career field
7 Internship and Bachelor's thesis

Entry Requirement

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB
  • Proficiency in German

Career Prospects

From the automotive sector to process engineering, career prospects for mechanical engineers are good around the world. This is primarily because they learn to apply principles and have acquired the necessary methodological knowledge. Such an education background is the optimal equipment for the later career path – even beyond one's original specialization. RWTH's worldwide reputation in mechanical education and the institute's contacts in industry add to this optimal preparation.

Due to their well-founded fundamental education and their high level of problem solving skills, RWTH graduates particularly work in research and development. However, even careers that don't appear technical at first glance can be attractive, for example in consulting agencies, in sales, or in key account management. Aside from the classic mechanical engineering branches, interdisciplinary fields of applications such as bionics, mechatronics, or therapy technology offer outstanding entry-level opportunities.

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