The Computer Engineering group does research on the design of computer and network systems. Our focus is on the following areas:

  • communication networks and protocols,
  • design of application-tailored digital circuits, especially based on FPGAs, and
  • security of network and IT systems.

The optimal interplay between the many-faceted components in complex IT/network systems are often at the centre of our attention: how to build a system so that it achieves its goals in the most efficient way, under given conditions?

Within this broad range we currently work, for example, on topics in the following areas:

  • communication systems for improving the efficiency of road traffic
  • combined active/passive positioning systems
  • communication and resource efficiency in cyber-physical systems
  • specialized circuits for applications in communication networks
  • congestion control mechanisms for Internet anonymization systems
  • sensor/actor systems in mechanical engineering
  • failure modeling and prediction in computing systems
  • distributed Algorithms for the efficient collection of data traffic statistics

Entry Requirement

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB
  • Proficiency in German

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