Biology is the science of living nature. It investigates how living things are built and how they function at different levels (cells, organism, ecosystems) in their specific physical and chemical surroundings.

Biology has gained importance as an applied science in the past years based on classic disciplines of special and general biology such as botany, zoology, microbiology, morphology, systematics, celluar biology, developmental biology, physiology, and ecology.

Examples of areas where it has gained importance include bionics, biotechnology, bioresources, biomedicine, and bio-information systems.

Biology determines our society like never before, because new possibilities are always being discovered, to not only analyze life processes with modern methods, but to interrupt and influence them.

Topics and methods dealt with in school will also be discussed at the university. However biology here extends far beyond what biology in school covered.

Additionally, the teaching and learning methods at the university differ from lessons in school: lecturers present a large amount of disciplinary and methodological aspects in lectures.

Subject-specific methods are gathered in tutorials and internships by implementing experiments, working with equipment, specimens, and (living) organisms, and written reports are established in the form of test protocols.

In seminars, complex problems and current research findings are worked out and presented using (English language) original literature and independent contributions on previously determined topics.

Programme Structure

The disciplinary modules deal with basic content and methods of general and organic chemistry, plant and animal morphology, genetics, cellular biology, plant, animal, and human physiology, microbiology, bionics, biotechnology, and ecology, from which selected focuses are expanded in another module - including through a multi-day trip. The pedagogical module facilitates the foundation of teaching and learning biology and focuses on the subject-specific work techniques in biology class, particularly experiments.

Entry Requirement

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB
  • Proficiency in German

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