Catholic Religious Education has been offered at RWTH Aachen for more than 20 years. It differs from the school subject Catholic religious education, since there is a difference between university and school work methods, as will be explained below.

The content is often similar: It deals with the origin, meaning, and effect of Christian belief within the belief of history and society. This includes working with the Bible and beliefs, with the history of Christianity, with the philosophy and the current environment and its ethical problems.

The central difference between religion class in school and theology as a university subject is the precision in the approach and the depth of the analysis. You have to aquire "academic methodology". This will do just to both a biblical text and a moral problem and thus to create academically founded judgements. "Scholarliness" encompasses the linguistic ability. You will learn old biblical languages during your studies or by working with other academic literature. As a result you will receive the well-versed ability to analyze and come to conclusions.

Programme Structure

Studies in theology are broken down into four sections: In Bibilical Theology, Old and New Testament texts will examined using literary analysis and their history of origin and effect will be considered, in order to determine the purpose of the texts in their respective contexts. In Historical Theology, the development of Christianity is reconstructed, starting with antiquity up to our current situation. In Systematic Theology, the rational reasoning of Christian belief, its essential content, and ethical consequences are discussed; other religions and cultures and the natural sciences are also considered. In Practical Theology, the church and social areas of practice of religious behavior are taken into consideration. This particularly includes schools, as this is a teacher training program. These studies are broken down into the four areas. There are additional comprehensive modules at the beginning and end of the Bachelor studies, which bring together the four different perspectives.

Entry Requirement

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB
  • Proficiency in German 

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