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Mapped out to verify the applicant’s English language skills, the standardized English language tests follow almost the same pattern. Hence, preparing for any one of these, you automatically are prepared for taking up any of the remaining two. Now that you have understood the PTE Academic Exam Pattern, you must check out the preparation tips on each section separately:

Reading Section Prep Tips 

For the reading section of the PTE Academic, the trick is to have fluency in reading, focus, and understanding. You will be using these skills at once when attempting the exam, but while practicing you will have to learn them step-wise. 

Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer 

  • Understand the message of the passage and focus on keywords to find the correct and accurate answer.
  • Focus on the frequency words (for example - always, sometimes, never many, all, often, never, only) remove those options and maybe you will find the correct answer. 
  • Since there is no negative marking for this question, you are advised to answer the question and not to leave it blank.  
  • Make use of the rule of elimination. Shorten down your options as much as possible. 
  • Read the question before you read the text to understand what kind of information to look for. 
  • 75% of the answers can be found in the first or last two lines of the passage. 
  • Learn to remember the information in the passage as the questions will not be asked in chronological order and you will find the answer anywhere in the passage. 
  • Learn to paraphrase, which means conveying the meaning using different words. 

Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers 

  • Since this question has negative marking, don’t select options if you are not entirely sure. 

Re-order paragraphs 

  • First and foremost search for headline including a major idea from the paragraph. 
  • The sentence starting with pronouns like he, she, her, they, them, those, etc will never be the first sentence.  
  • Look for contradictory phrases with, however, but, although an additional phrases like also, moreover, furthermore, besides. Find the sentence before it. 

Fill in the blanks 

  • There is no negative marking, so answer all the questions even if you are not sure. 
  • Concentrate on the details of the speech before and after the blank, it will help in finding the missing word. 
  • Mostly the missing word will have a synonym in the text provided. 

Speaking Section Prep Tips

Here are some tips according to each type of questions to help you prepare for the speaking section of the PTE exam.

Read Aloud

  • Rising your tone at the beginning and falling tone at the end of the sentence will make the sentences sound authentic.
  • Even If you have made a mistake, continue speaking and don't stop.
  • From day 1 of preparation, practice with different tongue-twisters every day until the exam day.

Repeat Sentence

  • Listen with closed eyes and memorize the sentence.
  • There is no beep at the end, so just start speaking as soon as the clip ends.
  • Even if you can’t manage to remember the whole sentence, at least focus on the keywords and repeat those.

Describe Image

  • Start with words like illustrate, elucidates, depicts, etc.
  • Notice whether it is bar-chart, line-graph or pie-chart. Line graphs have 'timeline', pie charts have 'slices' and bar charts compare.
  • Make use of the following words – on the left-hand side, on the right side, next to, below/bottom, above, at the top, foreground, background etc.
  • Try finishing in 30–35 seconds and don’t leave incomplete recorded sentences.

Retell Lecture

  • Notice the keywords, they can help you understand the details of the topic. 
  • Instead of the full names, you can use titles, like – Dr. Says or the professor mentions etc. 
  • Try to remember the best 3-5 sentences. They should be enough to retell the lecture. 

Answer short question

  • Add articles (a, an, the) before some words.
  • If you don’t know the answer, just repeat the words in the question.

Listening Section Prep Tips

Some tips according to each type of questions to help you prepare for the listening section of the PTE Academic exam. 

General Listening Tips -  

  • Listen actively, which means learn to listen to English songs differently. Focus on the lyrics which requires more attention.  
  • Watch movies and TV shows first with subtitles and then without subtitles. 
  • Listening to new content will increase your vocabulary which will improve your understanding of spoken English while listening.  

Summarize spoken text 

  • Restrict your answer to 50-70 words. 
  • You can start with saying something “The speaker said” 
  • Use the provided notepad to note down the keywords.  
  • Closing eyes will make you concentrate more.
  • Focus on the theme and most repeated words.

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers 

  • Don't guess blindly as this question has negative marking 
  • It is advised that you read questions before the audio starts. 
  • concentration is the keyword , Stay focused till the end as the answers could be in the end.

Writing Section Prep Tips

In this section, you need to write according to the questions and your written answers are evaluated. The writing module of the PTE Academic is divided into two sections and we will provide tips for each of those sub-sections.  

  • Getting a perfect score of 90 out of 90 is possible with strong vocabulary and grammar. If you have average vocabulary and grammar, you can expect to score around a 73. 

  • Try writing your answers between 35–45 words. Avoid very long sentences, as the scoring algorithms may not be able to evaluate long sentences with great accuracy. 

  • Pay attention to punctuations. 

  • Capitalize all the starting words and nouns in a sentence. 

  • Do not provide examples unless asked for. 

  • Write the summary in third person form I.e. avoid usage of I, Me, We etc. 

  • Concentrate on the last paragraph as it usually contains the summary of the text. 

  • Summarize each paragraph in a single sentence.

Write an Essay 

  • Plan the format of your essay based on whether it is an opinion essay, problem-solution, advantages-disadvantages etc. 

  • Always make sure to check the spellings, grammar, and plurals before submission. 

  • Give structure to your essay by following this pattern – first paragraph introduction, second third paragraphs body, last paragraph conclusion. 

  • In the body paragraphs, provide examples, reasons, and statistics to strengthen your arguments. 

  • The length of the paragraphy should be between 200 to 300 words.

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