In the master’s degree in computer science, you can expand and deepen the specialist skills you acquired in the bachelor’s degree in computer science. You will complete various advanced or advanced modules, e.g. from the areas of software design, cloud computing, graphics programming, artificial intelligence, model checking, distributed systems, IT security or databases. You can freely choose the modules that interest you most from the range of courses.


Database systems; Data bionics; Formal methods; Graphics and multimedia; Parallelism and programming languages; Programming languages ??and tools; Software engineering; Distributed Systems


The successfully completed master’s degree qualifies you

  • to independent activity in industry and economy,
  • to manage projects that involve analyzing, modeling and solving scientific, economic or technical problems,
  • for planning, development and research tasks in scientific and public institutions,
  • to work as a research assistant at a university,
  • to a doctorate.



Proof of completion of a relevant bachelor's degree in the field of "Computer Science" or proof of a comparable domestic or foreign university degree qualifying for a profession. The university degree qualifying for a profession must be passed with an overall grade of 7.9 grade points or better or at least a grade of 3.0 (in accordance with Section 28 of the General Provisions). In addition to the bachelor's degree in computer science, a qualification for teaching at grammar schools (first state examination or master’s) with the subject of computer science entitles you to access. A bachelor's degree in another discipline entitles the holder to access if at least 90 credit points have been completed in modules in which competencies at the level of the basic and compulsory modules of the Marburg bachelor's degree in computer science have been acquired.

If this is not yet available, a transcript of records with a calculated average grade based on at least 80% of the credit points required for the Bachelor's degree can be submitted.

The examination board can combine the admission with the condition that additional study achievements and / or examinations of a maximum of 30 credit points are achieved. In this case, the course can be extended accordingly.

Knowledge of the English language according to language level B2 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ??of the Council of Europe” is urgently recommended.


Direct admission is granted if the admission requirements are fully met.


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