The master's degree in “Speech Science and Phonetics” is interdisciplinary.

Speech science as a theory of oral communication affects all areas of orality and vocality. Speech science is a small subject throughout Germany - the Marburg location is characterized by its special coupling of theory, didactics and practice, especially rhetorical communication.

The field of phonetics deals with human communication primarily on a physiological, acoustic, perceptual and linguistic level. The objects of investigation are the individual (speech) sounds as well as accents, sentence melodies or the complex neural control processes on which speech production is based.


Speech Science:

The course is interdisciplinary and touches on all areas of orality:

  • Rhetoric, especially argumentation and conversational rhetoric
  • Knowledge communication
  • Communication didactics
  • Voice, voicing and art of speaking

Phonetics with the main application areas:

  • forensic science
  • Linguistics
  • Clinical Phonetics
  • Speech technology
  • Neurophonetics (neurocognition of sound processing)


1. Speech science

The course prepares students for teaching, advisory and research activities and includes not only rhetoric but also communication development and evaluation. Rhetoric particularly includes argumentation and conversational rhetoric. The aspect of voice also includes bodily vs. media-mediated aspects of communication, e.g. in the evaluation of e-learning. The teaching activity in the area of ??rhetoric often takes place in adult education, for the areas of voice and speech training, additional individual training is recommended. An activity in the area of ??pronunciation training in the GFL area is also possible. In addition, research in speech science can be sought.

2. Phonetics

The course prepares students for teaching, advisory and research activities in an academic and non-academic environment. While phonetic expertise is in demand from all relevant research institutions, it is also used in the areas of foreign language teaching, language technology, forensics and neurolinguistics. Concrete application possibilities of a phonetic study can be found, for example, with software companies that develop automatic speech recognition, or in aftercare clinics for rehabilitation after a cochlear implant. The teaching activity takes place in an academic environment or in adult education as well as in foreign language lessons.



Completion of a relevant bachelor's degree in the field of linguistics, phonetics, speech science or proof of a comparable domestic or foreign professional university degree. In the completed degree program, basic knowledge of at least 3 credit points in the technique of ear phonetic analysis (knowledge of the IPA alphabet) must have been acquired. Furthermore, a specialist phoniatric voice and hearing report (not older than 2 years) must be submitted. If the report is not available at the end of the application period, proof of enrollment can be submitted later.

The aptitude assessment committee can combine admission with the condition that additional course work and / or examinations of a maximum of 6 CP are achieved. These can consist of completing additional subject-specific modules from the bachelor's degree program "Language and Communication" with a scope of up to 6 CP. In this case, the course can be extended accordingly.



Two foreign languages. Must be proven

  • Knowledge of English at level B 2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  as well
  • Knowledge of another foreign language, namely
    • either knowledge of a modern foreign language at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    • or knowledge of Latin to the extent of the Latinum .

Note: The German language skills of non-native speakers must be proven at the latest at the time of enrollment either by DSH 3 or a TestDaF result of at least 2 x 4 and 2 x 5.


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